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Perfection on Wheels
Dennis Langlais Previous owner of the Perfection on Wheels BMX Stunt Team Starts a new school assembly that raises the bar!

Perfection on Wheels BMX Stunt Team is even today an amazing school assembly provider. But has Dennis taken things to a new level with the concept of "Dream Team" Learn more..

Dennis Langlais form owner of Perfection On Wheels Starts a new school assembly program. Perfection on Wheels to this day is an incredible program that has stood the test of time. stated in 1991 Dennis while in ownership produced over 10,000 school assembly programs But today you can see his passion in his new start up, The BMX Freestylers Dream Team. This concept is something new, fun and will be now available at schools nationwide.

Your students will witness BMX Pro athletes who travel the world competing at the highest level in an exciting school assembly. We will show up at your school with ramps and all the equipment to perform our entire show for a fraction of the cost many venues pay. Every student enjoys high-action stunts & super-fun crowd participation exercises.
Article Highlights:
 Dennis has been an innovator in the BMX school assembly since 1991 and just released his newest concept BMX Freestylers
 Dennis the former owner of Perfection on Wheels BMX Stunt Team is excited to add to the industry one more great show.
  This exciting show will be a home run at every school in the coming years..
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Perfection on Wheels
Here is what schools are saying about BMX Freestylers Dream Team
Perfection on Wheels
Program Highlights:
You Want it Exciting, WE GOT IT!
You Want a Message, WE GOT IT!
You Want it Simple, WE GOT IT!
Fun Assemblies
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Perfection on Wheels
Educational Messages & PERSONAL development
Appropriate for: Elementary Schools, Primary schools, Middle Schools, Charter Schools, High Schools
Power Packed Messages:
  • Drug-Awareness / Red Ribbon Week
  • Opioids Addiction
  • Tobacco Awareness / T.U.P.E.
  • Anti-Bullying / Cyber-Bullying
Personal Development:
  • Teaching Kids to Be Authentic and Always Genuine
  • The Importance of Education & Decision Making
  • Never Settle, Always Seek Improvement, Work Hard
  • The Power of Being a Great Listener, Soak Up Info
Memorable Events & Goverment campaigns
Over the years Dennis Langlais has created lasting relationships and built trust with many entities that work with schools building prevention programs.
School assembly Directory List Certified
PTA National PTA Association
Red Ribbon Week Campaign
Tobacco-Use Prevention Education Program Overview
Perfection on Wheels
Perfection on Wheels
booking your BMX SCHOOL assembly is as simple as 1. 2. 3.
Perfection on Wheels
Option #1 One Show $1,197 [Book now]
Option #2 Two Shows $1,397 [Book now]
(Call for other inquires- (858) 699 6240)
Bring this unforgettable BMX School assembly to your school this year by clicking the button below and start the simple booking process and secure a date & time for your school while they are still available!
Perfection on Wheels
Click the button below and we will lead you through a simple booking process to bring this high flying, super exciting, educational assembly to your School.
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  • Team Will Arrive One Hour Prior to Start Time
  • Notifications and Preparations Guides
  • Exciting Stunts Performed Safely
  • Educational Messages with Impact
  • Set Up Time Only (15 to 20) Minutes
  • 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back!
  • Riders are Professional Role Models
  • Scheduling is Super Duper Simple!
  • Our Management Has 30+ Years Experience
  • Professional Ramps & Sound Equipment
  • Years of Experience Speaking to All Demographics & Cultures
LOCATIONS Team Locations
  • Florida - All cities and counties
  • Georgia - All cities & counties
  • North Carolina - All cities & counties
  • South Carolina - All cities & counties
  • Texas - All cities and counties
  • Oklahoma - All cities & counties
  • Louisiana - All cities & counties
  • Arizona - All cities and counties
  • New Mexico - All cities & counties
CalifoRnia Dream TEAM
  • California - All cities and counties
  • Arizona - All cities & counties
  • Nevada - All cities & counties
  • Massachusetts - All cities and counties
  • Rhode Island - All cities & counties
  • Connecticut - All cities & counties
  • New Hampshire - All cities & counties
  • New York - All cities & counties
  • New Jersey - All cities & counties
  • Pennsylvania - All cities & counties
Click the button below and we will lead you through a simple booking process to bring this high flying, super exciting, educational assembly to your School.
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Let's take a walk THROUGH
start to finIsh
  • Choosing a school assembly that works for you, each school is often looking for an assembly that provides a message related to anti bullying, drug awareness, student awards and more ... We are capable of sharing any message your school needs to meet the goals of any grants or goal you have in mind. It's common for schools to reach out after a bullying experience or they were just aware of a T.U.P.E. grant.
  • How Scheduling Works | You can schedule your school assemblies using our quick and easy website or call us at (657) 345 4603 and we can look for a date and time together. Once your school has an account, things like repeat booking, printing invoices or requesting insurance take seconds.
  • Preparing for your show | When you are book with us, we will send you a show preparation guide that's super simple and you can follow step by step to insure your show goes smoothly, start to finish. We even include a Q & A of every scenario we have run across in 30 years experience.
  • Notifications & Emails | To continue our dialogue as the show nears we will be sending you a few emails, one of which is very important to respond to... It's called "Acknowledgment email" which simply provides you a link to click to let us know "YES" you are aware of the assembly coming up. This has become a great savior when PTA's change hands or staff changes occur. All you have to do is Click Yes we acknowledge the show and our system alerts us. If you do not acknowledge the email it alerts us to call right away saving your assembly from falling through the cracks.
  • Arrival & Assembly Set Up Time | We will arrive at your location 1 hour before show time and setup takes 15 to 20 minutes. It's important for the assembly coordinator to notify the person in charge of security about opening any gates, so when the team arrives there is no waiting time. Optional, our teams use devices that allow them to share their location so you can monitor arrival time.
  • Show Area 40 feet wide x 120 feet in length similar to a basketball court area. Hard surfaces or play ground areas such as pavement, concrete and black top work best
  • Professional equipment & sound system | It's important to us to look professional and be professional. All of our teams are equipped with high quality sound systems with great microphones and super duper speakers so everyone in attendance can hear and enjoy the assembly.
  • During the assembly your students will be "WOWED" by the tricks performed and educated by the messages they deliver. Keep in mind these guys have many years of experience talking to students of all ages and all demographics and cultures. They certainly take into affect each crowd and the mood to make sure the show is a big success.
  • 100% guaranteed | It's important to us that EVERYONE is satisfied with our service before, during, and after you do business with us. If you are not satisfied for any reason we will return 100% of you payment.
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Perfection on Wheels
Red Ribbon Week
drug awarEness
Perfection on Wheels
95% Of the BMX School Assemblies You find on Google have apprenticed under Dennis' Leadership "Dreams do come True".
Every student or human being has a dream. Some of the riders who have performed under my watch have seen me at a school assembly or competing as a professional. My mission was to provide them the ability to carry on with their dreams of performing and competing at the highest levels as a BMX athlete. I encourage them to someday own their own show so they can carry on the torch. That's what I call a "Dream Team", Athletes inspiring others to execute on their dreams. I am competitive, and never give up. By having The BMX Freestyler's Dream Team at your school your students will be encouraged and treated with the same principles I follow behind the scenes.
You get my Vibe :).
Perfection on Wheels
More about Dennis... For over 30 years Dennis Langlais has been inspiring audiences. Either as a Pro BMX Athlete or hosting his own Radio Show [FIVE Minute Bark podcast] has been consistent in helping kids & adults live their dreams. As a life long entrepreneur his companies successfully completed over 10,000 school assemblies nationwide. It's not argued that he has set a standard in producing BMX School Shows!
Click the button below and we will lead you through a simple booking process to bring this high flying, super exciting, educational assembly to your School.
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BMX Freestylers Dream Team | PH: 657 345 4603 | EMAIL:[email protected]
8585 Via Mallorca #9 La Jolla, CA  92037
BMX Freestylers Dream Team | PH: 657 345 4603 | EMAIL:Mailto:[email protected]
8585 Via Mallorca #9 La Jolla, CA  92037