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I am excited to share with you that the FunAssemblies.com provides BMX Assembly School Assembly in the state of California CA for Elementary

Your students will witness BMX Pro athletes who travel the world competing at the highest level in an exciting BMX school assembly.
We will show up at your school with ramps and all the equipment to perform our entire show for a fraction of the cost many venues pay.
Every student enjoys high-action stunts & super-fun crowd participation exercises.

For 30+ years this show continues to be a favorite at over 5,000 schools nationwide.

It has consistently "CHECKED THE BOX" to fulfill the qualifications of Grants & Prevention Methods that PTA's, PTO's are looking for regarding Bullying & Drug-related issues. 80% of our customers re-book every year, some as long as 8 years in a row!

Ribbon Week School Assemblies In California

BMX Assembly  School Assembly in CA California for Elementary
BMX Assembly School Assembly in California CA for Elementary Schools
BMX Assembly School Assembly in California CA for Elementary Schools

Johnson Elementary
El Cajon, CA
BMX Freestylers put on a terrific show! Staff and students are captivated every time they perform. They include bike safety tips and a mini lesson on life goals, and then they show kids what hard work accomishes with their amazing tricks. The back flip on the bike was astounding! And this time they presented in English and Spanish!

Kettleman City Elementary School
Kettleman City, CA
The BMX team was on time, professional, and entertaining. The students enjoyed the show. Booking the act was easy. I would highly recommend BMX Freestylers to other schools.

Woodrow W. Wallace Elementary
Lake Isabella, CA
Pam Alten
My students state that it was fun to see the crazy tricks in the air. They enjoyed watching Max jump over the teachers;they loved his antics and they loved getting and giving high 5's. The backflips and wheelies kept the attention of our kids. Such fun! Thanks for visiting our school.

Olita Elementary
La Habra, CA
Thank you so much for an amazing assembly! The students and staff were super engaged the whole time , the energy had the kids screaming with excitement. I believe this was our third time having them and will continue.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School
Santa Barbara, CA
Larissa Feramisco
Thank you so much for the amazing assembly! It was fun, had a great message, and appealed to all ages. The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it lifted everyone's spirits.

Monterey Heights Elementary School
Lemon Grove,, CA
The show was awesome! The students were extremely excited and engaged the entire time! This is our second year having the BMX Assembly and we plan to continuing having this assembly in future years! Thank you BMX Freestylers! We loved the show!

The formula is simple...

The formula is simple and it's the same one used for years on television and all media platforms.

Use Celebrity to Influence an Audience and BOOM!... Deliver Your Message.

BMX Assembly  School Assembly in CA California for Elementary

Educational Messages & PERSONAL development

Appropriate for: Academy 's, Catholic School's, Charter School's, College Campus's, Elementary's, Forth Grade's, Grade School's, High School's, Jr. Sr. High School's, Junior high School's, Middle School's, Primary School's, Seconday School's

    Power Packed Messages:

  • BMX School Assembly create excitement every student enjoys
  • Student an relate to our BMX athletes during our school assembly
  • BMX extreme sports is a popular expression sport
  • Anti-Bullying / Cyber-Bullying

    Personal Development:

  • Teaching Kids to Be Authentic and Always Genuine
  • The Importance of Education & Decision Making
  • Never Settle, Always Seek Improvement, Work Hard
  • The Power of Being a Great Listener, Soak Up Info

Memorable Events & Goverment campaigns

Over the years Dennis Langlais has created lasting relationships and built trust with many entities that work with schools building prevention programs.

BMX Assembly  School Assembly in CA California for Elementary BMX Assembly  School Assembly in CA California for Elementary BMX Assembly  School Assembly in CA California for Elementary BMX Assembly  School Assembly in CA California for Elementary BMX Assembly  School Assembly in CA California for Elementary

PERSONAL Sponsors & PRESS Coverage

Dennis Langlais as a pro athlete and radio talk show host has been affiliated with these high profile brands since the age of 15 years old.

BMX Assembly  School Assembly in CA California for Elementary BMX Assembly  School Assembly in CA California for Elementary BMX Assembly  School Assembly in CA California for Elementary BMX Assembly  School Assembly in CA California for Elementary Academy 's, Catholic School's, Charter School's, College Campus's, Elementary's, Forth Grade's, Grade School's, High School's, Jr. Sr. High School's, Junior high School's, Middle School's, Primary School's, Seconday School's,

booking your BMX Assembly School Assembly
is as simple as 1. 2. 3.

Description: BMX Assembly School Assembly is approximately 40 minutes in length including (2) riders performing stunts on BMX bicycles both on ground and on ramps. These high flying stunts include 360 spins, teacher jumps backflips, tailwhips amd much more. The FunAssemblies.com will also deliver a speech with impacting messages on BMX Assembly

1 School Assembly $1,797.00  [Book now]
1 School Assembly $1,797.00
[Book now]
2 School assemblies $2,097.00  [Book now]
2 School assemblies $2,097.00
[Book now]
3 School assemblies $2,397.00  [Book now]
3 School assemblies $2,397.00
[Book now]
4 School assemblies $3,497.00  [Book now]
4 School assemblies $3,497.00
[Book now]

Equipment provided: Each team has a professional sound system equiped with music, microphoones and loud speakers that can be heard clearly based on the capacity (up to 600 per assembly) most of our teams have protable electicty how ever we suggest to have power within 100 ft. all contributing to making your BMX Assembly School Assembly a hit.

School Assembly Capacity: up to 600 per assembly
Length: 40 minutes

BMX Assembly  School Assembly in CA California for Elementary

Click the button below and we will lead you through a simple booking process to bring this high flying, super exciting, educational BMX Assembly School Assembly to your School.

Year round Availbility

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QUICK FACTS ABOUT OUR BMX Assembly School Assembly

  • Team Will Arrive One Hour Prior to Start Time
  • Notifications and Preparations Guides
  • Exciting Stunts Performed Safely
  • Educational Messages with Impact
  • Set Up Time Only (15 to 20) Minutes
  • 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back!
  • Riders are Professional Role Models
  • Scheduling is Super Duper Simple!
  • Our Management Has 30+ Years Experience
  • Professional Ramps & Sound Equipment
  • Years of Experience Speaking to All Demographics

LOCATIONS FunAssemblies.com


  • Florida - All cities and counties
  • Georgia - All cities & counties
  • North Carolina - All cities & counties
  • South Carolina - All cities & counties


  • Texas - All cities and counties
  • Oklahoma - All cities & counties
  • Louisiana - All cities & counties


  • Arizona - All cities and counties
  • New Mexico - All cities & counties

    California Dream TEAM

  • California - All cities and counties
  • Arizona - All cities & counties
  • Nevada - All cities & counties


  • Massachusetts - All cities and counties
  • Rhode Island - All cities & counties
  • Connecticut - All cities & counties
  • New Hampshire - All cities & counties
  • New York - All cities & counties
  • New Jersey - All cities & counties
  • Pennsylvania - All cities & counties

Click the button below and we will lead you through a simple booking process to bring this high flying, super exciting, educational BMX Assembly School Assembly to your School.

Year round Availbility

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Let's take a walk THROUGH start to finIsh

  • Choosing a School Assembly that works for you, each School Assembly is often looking for an School Assembly that provides a message on BMX Assembly. We are capable of sharing any message your school needs to meet the goals of any grants or goal you have in mind. It's common for schools to reach out after some sort of issue arises in the school.
  • How Scheduling Works | You can schedule your School Assembly (events) using our quick and easy website or call us at (657) 345-4603 and we can look for a date and time together. Once School Assembly has an account, things like repeat booking, printing invoices or requesting insurance take seconds.
  • Preparing for your School Assembly event | When you are book with FunAssemblies.com, we will send you a show preparation guide that's super simple and you can follow step by step to insure your show goes smoothly, start to finish. We even include a Q & A of every scenario we have run across in 30 years experience.
  • Notifications & Emails | To continue our dialogue as the show nears we will be sending you a few emails, one of which is very important to respond to... It's called "Acknowledgment email" which simply provides you a link to click to let us know "YES" you are aware of the assembly coming up. This has become a great savior when PTA's change hands or staff changes occur. All you have to do is Click Yes we acknowledge the show and our system alerts us. If you do not acknowledge the email it alerts us The FunAssemblies.com to call right away saving your show from falling through the cracks.
  • Arrival & Assembly Set Up Time | The FunAssemblies.com will arrive at your location 1 hour before show time and setup takes 15 to 20 minutes. It's important for the School Assembly coordinator to notify the person in charge of security about opening any gates, so when the team arrives there is no waiting time. Optional, our teams use devices that allow them to share their location so you can monitor arrival time.
  • Show Area 40 feet wide x 120 feet in length similar to a basketball court area. Hard surfaces or play ground areas such as pavement, concrete and black top work best
  • Professional equipment & sound system | It's important to us The School Assembly to look professional and be professional. All of our teams are equipped with high quality sound systems with great microphones and super duper speakers so everyone in attendance can hear and enjoy the assembly.
  • During the assembly your students will be "WOWED" by the tricks performed and educated by the message on BMX Assembly the FunAssemblies.com delivers. Keep in mind the FunAssemblies.com has many years of experience talking to students of all ages and all demographics and cultures on messages like BMX Assembly. They certainly take into affect each crowd and the mood to make sure the show is a big success.
  • 100% guaranteed | It's important to us that EVERYONE is satisfied with our service before, during, and after you do business with us. If you are not satisfied for any reason we will return 100% of you payment.

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Red Ribbon Week

T.U.P. E.

Drug Awareness


Red Ribbon Week

T.U.P. E.

Drug Awareness

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Definition of BMX Assembly is BMX School assemblies use BMX freestyle stunt riders who perform high flying stunts on ramps and perform flat surface tricks. The BMX assembly is "high rated" for education and entertainment value.

Frequently Asked Questions about our BMX Assembly School Assembly

FunAssemblies.com will send you complete answers to your questions. Just submit an inquiry and you will be sent and email with all your important questions answered.

Answer is:
We are very comfortable with 600 people in one school assembly. 300 on each side. However �by choice� some schools will break lower grades up into two assemblies because of age difference and the announcer can alter how the messages are deliver based on age differences. This decision is yours. Each additional assembly is $200.

Answer is:
Once our team arrives on the property, setup and takedown can be done in 15 minutes. Having the area clean and any access gates open can make the process much smoother. We also encourage having a power cord extended out to the area if possible as a backup. However, all our team have their own power cords and in some cases electric generators.

Answer is:
Yes! We like to make sure all the paperwork is handled as soon as possible to avoid any delays in processing the checks. If you can provide us with a direct contact within the district staff that handles purchase orders, we can do all of the processing work for you.

Answer is:
Every school can choose what�s appropriate for them. Most of the schools we visit have the students sit on the pavement. Others choose to have the students bring their chairs out to the area. You can get a better idea by going to our website�http://funassemblies.com�where there are photos of how students are seated.

Answer is:
When we are doing multiple school assemblies at your school, we suggest leaving approximately 20 minutes between assemblies for students to clear and arrange for the next group.

Answer is:
YES! In fact - if you send us photos, testimonials, and or video of your assembly, we will create a FREE WEBSITE page for your use on your social media and the schools website.

Answer is:
Performing the BMX Assembly in the rain obviously is not possible because of safety and students getting wet. We are flexible with rescheduling as long as the assembly is rescheduled. If possible, the show can be moved into an indoor facility like a Cafeteria or gymnasium. We of course will make adjustments for the size of the space or the amount of shows. Because �tours� within the same district/area lower our costs and help us provide you an affordable price, maintaining our schedule is a high priority for us.

Answer is:
All the BMX Freestylers Dream Team assemblies have professional sound systems as part of the show. The teams also have power cord extensions for power within 150 feet.

Answer is:
Yes! Our riders have performed at over 3,000 schools so far with a large percentage having powerful messages regarding anti-bullying.

Answer is:
Our Bullying school assemblies run 40 minutes in length. The messages are done in segments during that time span.

Answer is:
Students are seated on both sides of the performance area in a fashion similar to watching a basketball or tennis game. Many schools have students sit on the ground and or bring chairs. Standing is an option. However, the audience can get tired/restless standing so we encourage sitting.

Answer is:
We would like a hard surface like pavement or concrete area.. the size is flexible however idea size is 40 by 120.. same size as a basketball court.

Answer is:
If you would like to request a date to at least have an account to work with, it does not hold you accountable until we both agree to book the date... It just makes it easier to communicate dates.

Answer is:
Every school or client receives an invoice upon approval of the date and time. That invoice serves as a contract. If the event holder needs additional contracts with signatures, the request can be sent to 8585 Via Mallorca #9 La Jolla CA 92037.

Answer is:
We prefer not to perform on grass. Although in a �must do� situation, we will accommodate. It is not recommended, however. A hard surface, concrete, pavement, hardwood basketball courts, tennis courts all work much better.

Answer is:
Generally we can work around cracks and uneven spots. The riders will do a survey of the area upon arrival. If uncertain about your area, please send us photos showing the area in question to�[email protected]�We can review the photos and provide feedback.

Answer is:
YES... We are consistently being called upon to be part of tobacco, vape, or drug awareness campaigns. We are a part of the T.U.P.E. program in California.

Year round Availbility

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Photo#1 BMX Freestylers
Photo#2 BMX Freestylers
Photo#2 BMX Freestylers
Photo#1 BMX Freestylers
Photo#2 BMX Freestylers
Photo#2 BMX Freestylers
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